What Do Catholic Babies Wear To Baptism? A Guide To This Special Day

There are many exciting milestones in one’s journey through their Catholic faith, but few are as significant as a baby’s baptism! 

 If you’re a new parent who is getting ready to introduce your child into your religion, you might be feeling excited (and even a little nervous) about this especially important occasion. Here’s everything you need to know about how to dress your baby for this momentous occasion, as well as some adorable and occasion-appropriate options by Nicolette’s Couture. 

What is a baptism? 

In the Catholic faith, baptism is a sacramental rite that officially initiates someone into the faith. While baptisms can technically be done at any point in one’s life, Catholic parents will generally choose to get their baby baptized early (usually within the first few years of their life). During a baptism ceremony, a priest will bless your child with Holy Water, anoint them with oil, and say prayers over them and their future as members of the church. 

How to dress your baby for their Catholic baptism

First thing first: when in doubt about how to approach your baby’s baptism, check with your church and your religious leaders! There are plenty of different rules and expectations that come with different churches, so learning the specific expectations of your own can help clear up any confusion. In addition to your religious leaders, you can also check in with other members of your church to see whether they have any insights on the appropriate clothing and other expectations during the ceremony. 


Long, white gowns (called christening gowns or baptism gowns) are always a safe and traditional garment choice for baptisms. Some Catholic families will have heirloom christening gowns that have been passed down from generation to generation, so check in with the other members of your family to see if that’s an option before purchasing. 

Otherwise, more modern dresses and suits are also acceptable for most Catholic baptisms. Look for comfortable outfits that are modest and appropriate for the semi-formal ceremony. 


Traditionally, Catholic babies wear white to their baptisms. White is a symbol of purity of innocence, so it’s a great choice for honoring your baby’s first few steps into their religious journey.

However, you don’t necessarily need to stick to white. Again, this will depend on your church, but it’s not uncommon to see light pastel colors in many modern baptism ceremonies. These beautiful spring colors represent new beginnings, so they can also be a suitable choice if you want to veer away from pure white attire. 

I’m the godparent — am I supposed to buy the baptism outfit for my godchild? 

Traditionally, yes, godparents have been tasked with buying the baptism outfit. However, it’s worth checking in with your godchild’s parents first before making the purchase. They might already have an heirloom gown in their family that they were planning on passing down to their child, or may even want to buy the clothing for this special event themselves.

Catholic Baptism Gowns and Dresses by Nicolette’s Couture 

The Hazel Dress

The Hazel Dress is gorgeous and comfortable, thanks to its flowy tulle skirt and breathable lace details on the bodice. With its fluttery lace sleeves, she’ll look truly angelic as she takes her first few steps in her faith on her baptism day. 

The Paisley Dress in Sage Green

The Paisley Dress is a gorgeous green dress that’s a breath of springtime fresh air. With its long lace sleeves and skirts, it’s well-suited for formal occasions like baptisms, but offers a contemporary twist with the trendy sage coloring and boho feel. 

The Maya Dress

The Maya is free-spirited and breezy while still retaining the conservative, dressed-up feel that you would want out of a modern baptism gown. With its unique and delicate lace back details, high scalloped neckline, and floaty high-low skirt, she’ll be a vision and a true testament to the faith. 

The Sarah Dress

The Sarah Dress - Nicolette's Couture

The Sarah Dress is simply stunning! From its unique beaded and embroidered bodice and sleeves to the flowy yet structured tulle skirt, this beautiful dress is perfect for formal occasions like a Catholic baptism. We also love how light this dress is since it makes a great choice for hotter summer occasions where you want to stay cool while still maintaining an elegant feel.

The Andrea Christening Gown

The Andrea Christening Gown - Nicolette's Couture

Tradition, sweetness, and childlike wonder all come together in the Andrea Gown made specifically with christenings and baptisms in mind. It features delicate embroidered details throughout, paired with perfectly complementing scalloped hemlines and waistlines for an added touch of fashionable charm. This gown also comes with a matching bonnet to keep your baby warm and comfortable throughout the ceremony. 

The Ivy Dress

Whether she’s frolicking in a field of flowers or solemnly participating in her baptism, the Ivy Dress is a boho dream for just about any occasion. There are so many things to love about this piece, not least of which is the gorgeous vintage-inspired lace details that decorate the skirt and bodice and meet in a fluttery set of angelic sleeves. She’ll look just as classy as the occasion calls for while still subtly showing off the aspects of her bright, free-spirited personality that you love so much. 

The Magdalene Christening Gown

The Magdalene Christening Gown - Nicolette's Couture

This is a wonderful traditional option for parents and godparents looking for a classic christening gown for their little one’s big day. With its delicate lace overlay, sweet puff sleeves, and white bow tying the whole look together, your little girl is going to look so classic and timeless as she celebrates her first big religious ceremony. 

The Claudia Christening Gown

White Lace Christening Gown

Little girls everywhere will love putting on this sweet piece! It's a beautiful symphony of large-scale lace, all in a classic silhouette that’s perfectly suited to special Sundays. This christening gown also comes with a matching bonnet to complete the look and keep your baby girl comfy during the ceremony. 


Your baby’s baptism is a big day. Make sure they’re ready for the occasion by brushing up on the expectations of your church and fully preparing to help walk them through their religious journey. Then look for the appropriate dress! Prioritize cleanliness, modest silhouettes, and colors like white or pastels to honor this momentous occasion and the solemn vows of this special day. 

Photo by Pixabay: https://www.pexels.com/photo/baby-in-white-top-38999/