A Complete Guide to Flower Girl Dresses

The little angels of innocence and perfect beauty who add more glamor to your weddings! Little angels in flower dresses are the true example of a Muse while dispersing their dresses in your enchanting ceremony. As Bridal dresses are one of the core aspects of a wedding ceremony, flower dresses also add an immeasurable charm to your wedding events. It's an intelligent decision to buy flower girl dresses when the wedding is near because the little kids grow so fast that it might be a problem for you to purchase the clothing before a year or half. Ideally, it would be best to buy your party's attire three months before the special occasion. This way, you can ensure that it will fit her perfectly.

A perfect flower dress should fit the whole wedding theme, and speak out the feel of the wedding and its theme. 

What are some of the factors when choosing the dress? 

Here are some of the factors when choosing the dress, which is as follows:


  1. Age
  2. Size
  3. Color
  4. Material
  5. Accessories
  6. Cost
  • Age

Typically, if the age of your little girl is from 3 to 8 years, you should keep the maneuverability in mind with comfort as they are not capable of handling and maintaining themselves.

  • Size

Young girls are meant to grow faster, so it is best that you should purchase their dresses when the occasion is near, at most three months before and at least 1 and a half month prior to the wedding day. If changes are required in their sizes, it will give you more than enough time to manage; otherwise, it will create many problems if you cannot buy the dress before and purchase it on the same day or week early. You should ensure that the size is an excellent and perfect fit for your baby girl! 

  • Color

Albeit the standard practice is to pick a dress that is a smaller than expected adaptation of the bride's outfit, this isn't required. Your young lady can have a vivid dress that matches the bridesmaid's dress tones or any theme or subject of the wedding. If you pick a white or ivory dress for your flower girl, consider adding accent colors matching the wedding variety range with a good frill.

  • Material

The fabric and material of your angel's outfit should be comfortable and soothing so she can wear the entire wedding ceremony. Comfort is an essential element when it comes to baby girl dresses. Keep your little girl away from excessively lengthy, tight, or warm dresses. This can bother your young girl and ruin her state of mind.

Try not to anticipate that your young girl should stand by and take excellent maintenance of her dress, so she matches the wedding theme. Not all young ladies can do that at their age. In this way, pick a wrinkle-free texture so that you should not worry about her during the whole ceremony.

  • Accessories

Remember your flower girl's accessories are extras while arranging her look. Elegant, simple and promising pieces of exquisite jewelry are fantastic. You can also buy extravagant accessories such as floral crowns and lovely belts for that additional modest touch. Your baby girl's dress ought to match the ritual of the occasion. A luxurious dress would be proper for a formal occasion, and light, breezy dresses would be better for outdoor events or a casual wedding.

  • Cost

Flower girl dresses are usually expensive. Thus, be aware of the money budget and spending plan while picking a dress. Likewise, it would be genius to choose a dress that can be utilized by the baby girl once more, so she receives more use in return.

Assuming that you have more than one flower girl, either dress them up in a similar dress or blend and match styles, varieties and elements, very much like you would on account of your bridesmaid's dresses.

Types of flower girl dresses

The flower girl dresses come in various styles and tones, including ribbon, lace tulle, white and pastels. There are different types of flower girl dresses which make your wedding function more significant. You can choose when you want to buy one for your kiddy party! 

  1. Abby dress
  2. Alanna dress
  3. Allison dress
  4. Arabella dress
  5. Dana dress
  6. Two piece dress
  7. Full-length dress
  8. Tea length dress
  9. A-line dress
  10.  Short sleeve dress
  • Abby dress

This exemplary Abby dress gets lavish with the all-around worked ribbon specifying and lining. A fabulous dress that causes your baby girl to feel its extra comfort with puff-sleeved arms and an embracing waistline belt. You can keep its girliness with a couple of shoes or heels or make it the day's outfit for exceptional weddings. Moreover, it can be worn casually down with a calfskin coat and a couple of sneakers or boots! With a classic piece, your girl will flaunt endlessly!

Abby Flower Girl Dress
  • Alanna dress

It incorporates a sheer delicate white ribbon bodice with a layered dim or pastel tutu skirt. It also has an adorned pearl lace and detail on the bodice. The V or custom shape of the neck is incomplete without the ribbon added. The ideal measure of a boho-stylish gown makes this astounding dress—ideal for baby girls at the big flower girl's special event.

Alanna Flower Girl Dress
  • Allison dress

Allison is an off-the-shoulder, A-line marriage ceremony dress. The skirt has different layers of tulle and silk chiffon boards over a layer of silk organza. The botanical beaded top has ruched tulle detail at the waistline. Allison is the embodiment of adorable and heartfelt because of its marvelous darling neck area and streaming skirt. Allison dress crosses southern enchant with a cutting-edge style, a generally complimenting number one. Decide to wear the flutter sleeves off the shoulder, forget about your arms for a strapless look, or utilize the separable spaghetti lashes for additional help! This ageless hit will make your little one twirl around the dance floor in comfort the entire evening!

Allison Flower Girl Dress
  • Arabella dress

Meet the Arabella Lace Dress in Classic White with her fragile and heartfelt appeal. This dress is a hit on purpose. The flowing pleats, a high-neck area and a modern ribbon move through to a beautiful long sleeve. Planned and made with affection, this is an Ivy unique that you essentially should have for your baby girl. It is the best choice for your Minnie.

Arabella Flower Girl Dress
  • Danna dress

A beautiful dress with a drape at the waist. The top of the dress is decorated with elongated lace extensions embroidered with pearls and precious stones. A lace neckline presents the corset with an elbow-length sleeve. The top of the corset can be with translucent straps and a V-neck decorated with lace on the shoulders, with a long puffed sleeve at the wrist. Dana dress can be in white or according to the wedding theme. It is a perfect fit for your flower girl. It can include lace with sequins, shimmer tulle, unlined bodice, beaded straps, Mikado, pockets, and buttons to match the bridesmaids' wedding ceremony perfectly. 

Danna Flower Girl Dress
  • Two-piece dress

A two-piece dress gives a pretty outfit with bonus separates! Wear our cute Co-ord dress sets together, or split the top and bottom to change your girl's look! It includes the skirts, tops and co-ord sets for your cute doll. It is easy to carry, and your girl can flaunt on every occasion with our dresses. 

Two-piece Flower Girl Dress
  • Full-length dress

Long Prom Dresses and Floor Length Formal Evening Gowns are suitable for every occasion and formal party. Full-length dresses are easy to carry with comfort and lavish looks! It is the best choice even for little and big girls as well. Furthermore, wearing one to any wedding is magnificent, indicating a proper dress code or standard theme. You can wear short sleeves for any red carpet occasion, prom night, ball, ceremony, convocation party and festivities. The dresses with short sleeves have consistently had a widespread allure for every age.

Full-length Flower Girl Dress
  • Tea-length dress

The hem of a tea-length dress typically stops right above the ankle, or you can stop it on the knees. However, some silhouettes may stop 2 to 3 inches above the ankle. 

Moreover, tea-length styles are crafted from classic fabrics like crepe and silk for traditional wear. Mothers with a bohemian sensibility will love the ease of this short silhouette designed to be worn with casual sandals and accessories. And for the juniors who cannot afford long lengthy dresses, a pared-back tea-length dress is always an utterly sophisticated choice.

Tea-length Flower Girl Dress
  • A-line dress

A-line dresses are a perfect choice that won't ever become dated. A rich A-line dress is intended to underscore the wearer's waistline. These dresses have a fix that is a lot more extensive than the shoulders of the dress. They are generally clamped at the abdomen and flare out at the base, making an "A" shape. A-Line dresses are particularly famous because they compliment anybody who wears them. So it is the right choice for babies, juniors and big girls. 

A-Line Flower Girl Dress
  • Short sleeve dress

Short sleeve dresses are administering the runways, and that is no mishap. These heartfelt, foamy, eye-catchy dresses are trendy in every town for feeling good and looking astonishing. Just sit back if you don't want to feel uncomfortable in sleeveless dresses or if those outfits are not your style. There are various designs to lean on. Furthermore, it is excellent to wear one to any wedding, indicating a proper dress code or standard theme. You can wear short sleeves for any red carpet occasion, prom night, ball, ceremony, convocation party and festivities. The dresses with short sleeves have consistently had a widespread allure for every age.

Short Sleeve Flower Girl Dress

Final Thoughts!

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