Does The Godmother Buy The Baptism Dress?

A baby’s baptism is one of the most exciting first milestones in their young life. It signals their first main steps into their faith and sets the religious tone for the rest of their lives. 

As a result, being asked to be a godmother is a huge honor. Your godchild’s parents have asked you to take on the important role of helping to bring up the child and teach it the ways of your faith. So now, you might be wondering what kinds of roles and expectations you’re expected to fulfill, especially with the baptism ceremony coming up. For example, does tradition dictate that you’re responsible for buying their baptism clothes? 

The short answer is that, yes, godmothers traditionally buy the baptism dress or gown. However, there are often exceptions to this rule. Here’s what you need to know about purchasing a baptism dress, plus some beautiful options for your godchild’s big day. 

Does the godmother buy the baptism dress? 

In some denominations, it’s tradition for the godmother to buy the baby their baptism dress. However, it’s always a good idea to check with their parents before making a purchase. Some families have heirloom gowns that are passed down from generation to generation, which they may be planning to use instead of buying a new outfit. In addition, some parents might have their own ideas for christening or baptism outfits. While traditional etiquette suggests that godparents buy the outfit, make sure to verify with your godchild’s parents before making the purchase. 

What to look for in a baptism dress

The kind of baptism dress your godchild should wear will depend on factors like their church culture and denomination. However, here are some general guidelines that will work for most baptisms and christenings. 


Baptism dresses are traditionally white to symbolize purity and innocence. However, light pastel colors are also a popular choice since they signify many of the same things. Generally speaking, it’s a good idea to stay away from busy patterns or bright colors that can distract from the solemnity of the occasion.


    The right fit can determine how comfortable your godchild is during their ceremony, and clothes that are too tight can make them squirmy and irritated. Check with your godchild’s parents to make sure you’re buying the correct size. 


      Baptism dresses and outfits should be modest and formal to match the importance of this religious ceremony. Traditional baptism gowns are long and formal, but many churches today will allow for more modern styles as long as they are still formal enough for the occasion. 


        If you’re shopping for an especially young baby, many baptism dresses and christening outfits come with a matching bonnet so that they can stay warm even in cold and drafty churches. Stay away from scratchy or rough materials that may bother your godchild during the ceremony. 


          Accidents can happen, especially when young children and babies are involved. It’s worth considering how well your chosen outfit can be cleaned in the case of stains or spills, especially if your godchild’s parents want to hold on to that baptism dress for future memories. 

            Cute baptism dresses by Nicolette’s Couture

            The Maya Dress

            Your goddaughter is going to be thrilled to be able to wear this gorgeous boho dream! It’s crafted with delicate vintage-inspired lace, a sweet long skirt, a gorgeous modest neckline, and unique lace detailing on the back. She’ll be dreamy and carefree while still honoring the formality of her special day. 

            The Tyra Dress

            Just take one look at those deliciously delicate sleeves and you’ll know why we love the Tyra so much! This sweet number is crafted with innocence and sweetness all throughout, from its full tulle skirt to the intricate neckline and those beautiful lacy sleeves. 

            The Eve Christening Gown

            The Eve is a perfect representation of sweetness and innocence. It’s a traditional white christening gown with a pop of fun color thanks to its sweet pink ribbon wrapped around the waist. It also comes with a matching bonnet so your little girl can be comfortable and warm throughout the ceremony. 

            The Hazel Dress

            The Hazel dress is a dainty and delicate lace dress that is ideal for a Baptism outfit. This dress is available in white as well as a variety of other pastel themed colors. It is the perfect blend of elegance and functionality as the material is very breathable and comfortable to wear. 

            The Claudia Christening Gown

            The Claudia is an absolute gem that will have your goddaughter looking lovely in lace. It’s constructed with large-scale lace throughout, along with elegant trim bordering the hemline, sleeves, and waistline. Pair with the matching bonnet and she’ll be a vision during her ceremony.

            The Fern Dress

            Don’t be afraid of playing with pretty pastel colors while shopping for a christening gown! The Fern dress is crafted with the softest vintage lace, all in a gorgeous muted sage color. It also features beautiful details like its unique open back and fluttery sleeves that come together in a gown that’s a breath of fresh air perfect for spring and summer baptisms. 

            The Stella Dress

            It’s all about the florals with the Stella Dress! This precious ivory dress is designed to stand out with its boho-chic floral appliques adorning the bodice, which melts into a full and twirly tulle skirt that she’ll love spinning around and playing in. It’s free-spirited and formal all at once, perfect for a wild and free goddaughter’s baptism. 

            The Andrea Christening Gown

            The Andrea Christening Gown is classy, sweet, and light. You’ll find intricate boho embroidered details along the bodice and the scalloped hemline, along with a sweet bow to tie the entire look together. 


            In some religious denominations, tradition dictates that the godparents should buy the christening gowns or suits for their godchildren. Look for sweet and comfortable pieces that highlight your godchild’s unique personality while still honoring the importance of this momentous occasion. 

            Photo by Nicole Christine Photography


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