What To Wear To Your Baby’s Baptism

Your baby’s baptism is one of the most significant religious milestones that they will ever have in their life. A baptism (which is sometimes referred to as a christening in some faiths) represents their official initiation into the Christian faith. It also symbolizes their spiritual cleansing and renewal, ultimately serving as the first major step in their religious journey. 

Because it is such a sacred and holy occasion, both parents and children need to dress appropriately for the ceremony. Here’s how to dress for your baby’s baptism, plus some baptism dresses for your little ones as they take the first steps into their faith. 

Baptism Dress Code For Parents

There is no one set dress code for baptisms. Expectations and traditions can vary slightly from church to church, depending on your denomination of Christianity and the culture of the church itself. However, most baptisms are special formal occasions, so these rules will generally apply to a broad range of baptisms and christenings. If you are unsure of what is appropriate for your occasion, check in with your church.


Baptisms are considered often solemn and formal occasions, so choosing formal or semi-formal attire is generally preferred depending on your church. For women, conservative dresses, skirts, sweater sets, and pantsuits are generally appropriate for the occasion. For men, choose suits, trousers, or sports coats.


    Because a baptism is a religious ceremony first and foremost, modesty is a key tenant to consider while choosing your outfits. Choose conservative pieces that are appropriate for a church setting, steering away from outfits that could be revealing like low necklines or short hems. 

      Clean and tidy.

      Finally, on such an important occasion, you’ll want to make sure that your clothes are neat, tidy, and clean to reflect the gravity of the ceremony. Make sure that your clothes are washed, ironed, and pressed to minimize wrinkles or flaws that can distract from the religious ceremony. 

        Baptism Dress Code For Your Child 

        Now, let’s talk about what your child should wear to their baptism! 

        Traditionally, children were often dressed in heirloom christening gowns, which were long and modest gowns that were often passed on in families for the occasion. Today, many churches will allow you to dress your child in more modern takes on the traditional christening gown. Look for styles that still honor the modesty and formality of this special occasion. 

        Christening gowns and outfits are often white since this color symbolizes purity and innocence. Other light colors, like pastels and cream, are also acceptable since these can also symbolize innocence and new beginnings. 

        Finally, many parents also choose to have their babies wear a bonnet or hat that matches their christening gowns. These bonnets can keep the baby’s head warm and comfortable during the ceremony. 

        Christening gowns from Nicolette’s Couture

        The Phoebe Christening Gown

        The Phoebe is both sweet and elegant, making it an easy choice for your baby’s christening or baptism. This classic christening gown features sweet ruffled sleeves and lace detailing throughout, as well as a beautiful bow to tie the whole look together. It also comes with a bonnet as a traditional christening accessory for a darling and timeless look. 

        The Claudia Christening Gown

        With its large-scale lace detailing and darling sleeves, the Claudia is a dream of a christening gown that’s perfect for your little one. It also includes a matching bonnet to keep them warm and comfortable during the ceremony. 

        The Eve Christening Gown

        The Eve has a fun pop of color, making it a great choice for little girls who want to respect the solemnity of the occasion while still showing a little personality. This pretty dress has delicate vintage-inspired lace details and a light, full skirt so your little girl can still be comfortable for the entire baptism. 

        Leah Christening Gown

        The Leah is an absolutely darling gown, and it’s perfect for all kinds of formal occasions including a christening. We love how the intricate lace details on the bodice pair perfectly with the full, flouncy skirt. 

        The Long Audrey Dress


        This gorgeous and refined dress is all about the beautiful details. Its entire bodice and long sleeves are adorned with classy floral lace, and its full skirt finishes off with a fine lining of the same delicate details for a balanced and sophisticated look that will perfectly match the spirit of the occasion. 

        The Magdalene Christening Gown


        The Magdalene is a gorgeous classic beauty that was made for special church occasions just like a baptism. Its delicate and organic lace details pair beautifully with a structured shape that still allows your baby girl to be comfortable. 

        The Julia Christening Gown

        Everything about the Julia paints a perfect picture of innocence and purity, making it an easy choice for your baby’s biggest religious milestone to date. With its long sleeves and scalloped details, she’ll look like a dream wearing this piece, especially when it’s paired with the matching bonnet. 

        More tips for getting ready for your child’s baptism 

        Bring a change of clothes for your baby.

        As cute as their christening gown may be, it might not always be practical for your baby to wear their outfit all the way to church. Instead, dress your baby comfortably for the commute to your place of worship, then have them change into their christening gown shortly before the ceremony. This can help minimize any accidents or damage to the clothing that can distract from the occasion. 

          Check in with your church for requirements.

          Remember, expectations for baptisms and christenings can vary depending on your church. Talk to your religious leaders and community members to make sure that you’re fully prepared for the ceremony. Confirm important information like the time, date, and any specific guidelines that they might have for your family. 

            Plan ahead.

            Because this is such a momentous and serious occasion, it pays to be prepared. Have all of your family’s clothes clean, pressed, and ironed the day before the ceremony so that you don’t have to spend the morning rushing around. 


              A baptism is a big moment, both for your little one who is taking their first steps into faith and for the proud parents. Choose clean, modest clothing for yourself and your child so you can pay full respects to the solemnity of the occasion. 

              Photo by Esteban Garcia: https://www.pexels.com/photo/father-carrying-his-daughter-during-baptism-13543792/