Difference Between Kid's Jumpsuits And Rompers

Are you one of those parents who can't decide what to buy when shopping for their little one? Kid's jumpsuits, rompers, and onesies have similarities but each one is unique and benefits. What works for your baby might not work for someone else. This article will help you decide what to buy the next time you’re online shopping for your son or daughter.



The main difference between the two is that Jumpsuits usually have long sleeves and long pants whereas rompers have short sleeves, short pants, or short-length skirts. Both rompers and jumpsuits are one-piece clothing. 

Jumpsuits are often slim fit, whereas rompers are of a loose fit. They also differ in fabric, shapes, sizes, and styling. While rompers can be jumpsuits, not all jumpsuits can be rompers. Both kids' rompers and jumpsuits can be worn casually and formally. If you are styling your kid for a formal occasion, jumpsuits are a better choice. Though rompers are casual, they can be formal as well. Just choose a decent fabric and any solid dark color!


Shopping is an exciting activity but it can be challenging when deciding what your child needs. While shopping for kid's dresses and rompers, every parent wants something cute, trendy, comfortable, and durable. Here are a few factors that most parents consider when buying kids clothes:

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Fabric
  4. Styling

    1. SIZE

Kids are constantly growing so their size will keep changing. That's why the first thing to consider is their measurements. When your child is going through a growth spurt, shopping for kids' dresses and rompers of a slightly larger size is better. We recommend one size up! That way, you can save time and money! 

     2. SHAPE

The next factor to consider while shopping for a kid's jumpsuit, romper, or dress is the body shape. Though rompers mostly come in one size fits all, some styles aren’t meant to be more oversized than others. When you’re shopping, you’ll often look at the description for sizing help and for more details about the item you’re looking at. This is what we’d recommend when shopping for your child! Look for details about fit and recommendations for what size to get in our listing details.

    3. FABRIC

When shopping for your child, make sure that you choose the fabric wisely. Buy clothing that is comfortable, breathable, durable, and of course adorable. The good news is that comfort is our trademark! All of our dresses are lined on the inside to avoid itch and add that extra comfort factor. At Nicolette’s Couture, we create every item with durability, comfort, and style in mind. You won’t find scratchy items, all items are worn tested out, and approved by Nicole’s daughters, our Founder, and CEO. 

     4. STYLING

You can choose from various styles and designs. If you want elegance and class for a special event, you can choose one of our styles with lace, tulle, or sparkle. If you’re going for casual daywear, our rompers and jumpsuits with ruffles and bright colors would be a great choice. For any additional assistance, email orders@nicolettescouture.com to chat with one of our talented stylists. 



Jumpsuits are one-pieces with a shirt attached to long trousers. They come in various designs and styles, including full-length sleeves, full-length pants, half/mini sleeves, short sleeves, short pants, and more. 

Are jumpsuits formal?

As jumpsuits come in various styles, they can be an appropriate and stylish choice for any formal or casual occasion.


Rompers are cute, chic, and comfortable one-piece or two-piece clothing that combines shorts and a shirt. It has a loose fit and unique style, and toddlers and young kids usually wear rompers. 

Are rompers formal?

Rompers are designed to be casual and are more convenient for kids and toddlers at home or on the go. Still, they can be styled for formal occasions by opting for elegant colors and rich fabric.


We want to make shopping easier for you and give you insight into what to look for when shopping. Find the most fashionable and comfortable kids' wear from our boutique, Nicolette's Couture, made up of highly comfortable quality fabric. 

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