How To Dress Up Your Baby For a Bris Ceremony

Welcoming your new baby boy into the world is a time for celebration and joy. If you’re Jewish, this time is also marked by important rituals and events like the brit milah ceremony, or the bris ceremony, which is a sacred religious event that marks your baby’s first steps in his Jewish faith.

Here’s what you should know about preparing for the bris ceremony, including how to dress your baby to maximize his comfort while also honoring the importance of this momentous occasion. 

What is a Bris Ceremony? 

In the Jewish faith, the bris ceremony involves the circumcision of the baby boy. The circumcision is a symbol and celebration of the covenant made between God and the Jewish people. This practice was begun in the time of Abraham, when God commanded that he circumcised himself and the males in his family as a sign of His promise to the Jewish people. As such, the bris is an important ceremony that marks the beginning of your baby boy’s journey into the Jewish faith. 

Today, the bris ceremony takes place eight days after the baby boy is born. There are some exceptions to this rule: for example, some babies may need to wait until they are medically cleared for their circumcision due to health issues. The bris traditionally takes place in a synagogue, though many parents opt to have it in their homes, another private event space, or even in the hospital. 

What to expect during the Bris Ceremony 

During the bris, a godparent will carry the baby into the room in which the brit milah is taking place, usually on a pillow, then hand the baby over to the person who will be holding the baby during the procedure. From there, the circumcision will be carried out by a mohel, who is a professional who is trained to perform the surgery. 

During the ceremony, it’s also common for blessings to be said and readings to be done. Some parents also reveal their baby’s Hebrew name during this time and explain its significance. Finally, many bris ceremonies are also followed by food and festivities to celebrate the start of your baby boy’s new life. 

How to dress your baby up for his bris ceremony 

While looking for the right outfit for your baby boy’s bris ceremony, keep in mind the solemnity of the occasion as well as the practicality of your choices. You want your child to be as comfortable as possible while still paying tribute to the importance of this religious tradition. 

Attire options

Bris gowns.

Gowns are a traditional and comfortable choice for baby boys. They often come in shades of white to represent the purity and innocence fitting for the occasion. Many families will also have heirloom gowns that they pass down through the generations, so it’s worth checking to see whether your family has one that can be used for this important occasion. Christening gowns can sometimes be used for a bris since they are often white and have a similar style as traditional bris gowns; however, you’ll want to make sure that there are no other religious symbols on the gown that might take away from your Jewish celebration.

    Bris suits.

    Similarly, some parents also opt for formal two-piece sets specifically designed for special occasions like the bris. These sets often come with collared shirts and tailored pants, which can add an element of style and sophistication to the bris. 


      Baby rompers are a modern favorite for bris ceremonies because they’re soft, comfortable, and fashionable all at once. For the bris, look for rompers that can easily snap open and close, since this makes the procedure more convenient than having to completely remove the outfit. 

        How to choose the right outfit for your baby’s brit milah

        Because there are so many options for a brit milah outfit, you’ll want to consider factors like comfort, practicality, and specific religious expectations to make the ceremony run smoothly. 

        Consider your cultural and religious traditions.

        The expectations and practices of your bris may vary slightly depending on your family and your religious community, so it’s always a good idea to check in first before buying a bris outfit. Consider talking to religious leaders or family members to ensure that the outfit you choose aligns with your unique customs and expectations. 

          Prioritize your baby’s comfort.

          No matter what kind of outfit you choose for his bris, his comfort should be a top priority throughout the proceedings. Look for soft and breathable fabrics that will allow your baby to move comfortably, and stay away from itchy or rough fabrics that could add to his discomfort during the ceremony. Consider the weather as well — if the ceremony is taking place during the colder winter months, look for thicker materials that will help keep him warm. A kippah or hat may also be appropriate to keep him warm throughout his bris. In addition, consider bringing along a couple of extra baby blankets that you can wrap him in after the procedure is done to soothe and comfort him. 

            Factor in practicality.

            Finally, you should choose outfits that are practical, which can help the bris carry on more smoothly. Look for options like buttons and snaps to make the mohel’s job more convenient. It’s also worth considering how well the outfit will clean up in the case of spills or stains, especially if you’re planning on holding on to the outfit as a keepsake. 


              The bris ceremony is a sacred step in your baby boy’s first few days and his first experience with his faith. By choosing outfits that are clean, practical, and comfortable, you can enhance your baby’s comfort while also paying tribute to the importance of this momentous religious occasion. 

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