Tips For Choosing Outfits For Family Pictures

Time passes by so quickly, and our kids sometimes seem to grow in front of our very eyes. We can’t stop time altogether, but we can commemorate these special moments by taking family pictures! 

Getting the whole family together for family pictures lets us freeze all of those special moments in time. They’re also a great way to gather new photos for your photo albums, holiday cards, and for sharing with your loved ones near and far. If you’re stuck on how to plan coordinating outfits for multiple people, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some tips on planning outfits for your entire family, plus some of our favorite matching pajama sets if you’re looking for inspiration for this year’s holiday cards.

9 Tips For Planning Your Family Picture Outfits

Come up with a photoshoot theme first. 

    The first step to planning your family outfits is to decide what kind of photoshoot you’d like to do. Are you envisioning a trip to the pumpkin patch? An excursion into the woods? A casual at-home photoshoot that encapsulates your day-to-day? Doing this first can help you set the tone of the outfits and how casual or formal you’d like to go, as well as the kinds of colors and details that would mesh well with your setting. 

    Think “coordinating,” not “matching.” 

      If the idea of wearing things that are too matchy-matchy doesn’t quite appeal to you, you definitely have other options. Instead of matching outright, try creating outfits that complement each other without outshining. 

      For example, look for complementary colors, like green and orange-red tones, all in the same saturation to avoid overpowering the cohesive look. Alternatively, think of a general theme like fall colors or muted spring palettes and use these as a guide to plan your outfits. Make sure to include details that tie everyone together subtly without matching completely, like denim details or gold accents in jewelry and watches. 

      Tie everything together with accessories.

        Accessories are everything! Having matching accessories can bring your entire family’s look together more cohesively and signify your bond as a family unit. Try incorporating complementary accessories like hats, scarves, shoes, jewelry, or watches to subtly bring the family’s look cohesively together. 

        Look for matching sets. 

        If you really want to commit to matching family outfits, go all out and look for matching family sets! This works really well for themed photoshoots; for example, matching pajamas are a classic family photoshoot for holiday cards. Just make sure to pay attention to the setting of your photoshoots and plan those matching outfits accordingly. 

        Avoid loud patterns or text.

          In general, sticking to solids or subtle patterns is best for coordinating family photo outfits since a loud pattern can steal the show and draw attention away from the rest of the family. If there’s a piece that someone really wants to wear that will draw attention, have the rest of the family coordinate their choices around that pattern by wearing complementary colors or featuring that pattern in their accessories. 

          Plan a couple of different options. 

            Even the best-laid plans don’t always work out, especially when there are multiple opinions involved. Try planning a couple of back-up outfit options and keeping them on hand during your photoshoot if you decide that you don’t like the way that all of your outfits end up looking like together. In the best case scenarios, having these extra outfits introduces the opportunity for an outfit change and a whole different photoshoot on the same day! 

            Consider each individual’s likes and preferences. 

              Planning out family photos is a group effort, so it’s important to remember the unique preferences and individuality of each member to truly encapture your family’s personality as a whole. Consider the unique likes and dislikes of your family members and make sure to ask for opinions throughout the planning process so that you end up with outfits that everyone looks and feels comfortable in.

              Use the power of layers to your advantage. 

                If you’re shooting in colder weather, layers are your friend! Layers like sweaters, jackets, and scarves add depth to your family’s look and also introduce more ways to subtly coordinate and complement each other’s outfits. Look for opportunities to feature the colors and textures of one layer into the layers of another person’s outfit to bring together the entire family’s look.

                Prioritize comfort. 

                  At the end of the day, your family should feel comfortable and happy in order for your pictures to come out as nicely as you want them to. Make sure all your clothes fit well and are easy to wear. It might be worth having everyone try on their outfits in advance and wear them on an outing to make sure that everything is comfortable and to prevent any unplanned meltdowns once the camera comes out. 

                  Matching Pajama Sets By Dreamiere

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                  Northern Nights


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                  Family photoshoots are a great time to bond and celebrate the unique characteristics that define your family. Whether you’re planning for a holiday card or want updated pictures “just because,” work together to coordinate outfits that perfectly complement one another and show off the special qualities that you love about your family so much.