Types and Styles of Christening Gowns

Christening has been a ceremony in tradition for centuries, and christening gowns have played an important role in this special ceremony. These gowns basically symbolize purity and an evocation of Christ's sacrifice. This is why they are made in a manner that mimics the gown that Christ had worn at the time of his ascent. These gowns are usually of white color that gives the essence that the child's soul is as innocent as the angels in heaven. 

The christening gowns are often called baptismal gowns, and this is because it is a tradition in the Roman Catholic faith to wear a long white gown. These gowns are now specially made to be worn in the christening ceremony. 

Christening gowns are usually made from white fabric, including cotton or linen, paired with laces, tucks, embroidery, or handwork. These gowns also come with matching bonnets and often become family heirlooms passed from one generation to the other. 

Although many gowns are supposed to be worn by girls, christening gowns can also be worn by boys during their baptism or christening ceremony. At Nicolette's Couture, christening gowns are crafted beautifully to grab the attention of everyone towards the babies on their big day! 

Styles of christening Gowns

Christening is a significant and lasting memory, and therefore parents should choose the style of christening gowns very carefully. There are a variety of styles, and parents can choose the one that suits their budget and needs. Here are some common styles that are available in the market: 

1. Comfortable Style

The comfortable style is the most preferred choice for a christening gown for the baby. This is because while designing and styling a gown, the priority should be given to the baby's comfort. To make the christening gown comfortable, designers choose the most delicate fabric that is soft and gentle and would not irritate the baby or their tender skin.

All-natural fabrics, including linen, cotton and raw silk, are mostly preferred to make comfortable style christening gowns! Besides, if the baby is comfortable in the gown, they too will enjoy the ceremony. A comfortable baby will also make these special moments tomorrow's precious memories.

2. Traditional Style

As christening is a traditional ceremony, most families tend towards traditionally styled christening gowns. A conventional christening gown might be styled with Swiss embroideries, Irish shamrocks,  French ribbons or Venice lace, and the classic elegance of cotton batiste or the lavish luxury of pure silk to symbolize the heritage of the baby's family.

Parents who are very close and give importance to their traditions and family usually choose an heirloom-style gown for their baby. If you are looking for a traditional christening gown, you must check out the collection of christening gowns by Nicolette's Couture.

3. Modern Style

Modern families usually want their baby to be suited in a more contemporary gown for the memorable christening ceremony. For such families, designers have introduced some modern styled christening gowns that come along with a slight touch of color, with pink ribbons or blue floral accents. Some types of modern styled gowns that have captured the interest of current parents include tailored outfits, pleated styles, and convertible gowns. 

Types of christening Gowns

Here are some types of the christening gowns, which are as follows:

  1. Magdalene christening gown
  2. Claudia christening gown
  3. Eve christening gown
  4. Julia christening gown
  5. Andrea christening gown
  6. Leah christening gown
  7. Heirloom christening gown
  8. Shantung christening gown
  9. Customizeable gown

1. Magdalene christening gown

A Magdalene christening gown is a subtle type of christening gown, and it is made up of soft white fabric that is perfect for the special event of christening. The designers have given this gown a complete look with the help of puffed sleeves, floral details and patterns, a beautiful bow and an elegant hem. If you want your kid to be comfortable and well-styled, this type of gown should be for you! 
Magdalene christening gown

2. Claudia christening gown

Claudia's christening gown is the perfect traditional-looking gown for your baby girl. This christening gown comes styled with a  beautiful white lace that spreads throughout the gown. The gown becomes more adorable with the bow detail that is present on the back. For the perfect ceremony, this gown is the best choice. In addition, this type of gown also comes with a bonnet. 

Claudia Christening Gown

3. Eve christening gown

Eve christening gown is an elegant piece that will give your little one an angelic look! If you want your baby to look perfect, then this pretty white dress is ideal for the holy ceremony of christening! This gown comes with lace detailing and a pink ribbon around the waist to give it a modern touch and a beautiful combination. 

Eve christening gown

4. Julia christening gown

Another christening gown that provides the most angelic look is the Julia christening gown. This gown comes with decent details of white lace, flower details, and vine embroidered netting. This white gown is the perfect dress for a baby girl's special occasion with a slight touch of light ivory and a mini scalloped. 

Julia christening gown

5. Andrea christening gown

Andrea's christening gown will ensure that everybody's eyes stay on your little girl! This gown comes with subtle yet beautiful embroidery to make your girl comfortable and pretty. 

Andrea christening gown

6. Leah christening gown

Leah's christening gown is the gown that will give your little one a royal and classy look that will grab the attention of the hall! It comes with delicate and feminine detailing of lace and a bow. This dress will be the perfect touch to the holy ceremony of christening. 

Leah christening gown

7. Heirloom Gowns

Another type of gown used at most christening ceremonies is the heirloom gown. These gowns refer to the gowns passed from one generation to the other. Such gowns have profound connections and sentiments attached to them. They are usually made from high-quality and natural fiber with subtle detailing of embroidery and eyelets.

8. Shantung Gowns

Shantung gowns are made from fabric spun from tussore silk. This silk has random irregularities in the surface texture, which gives a slubbed appearance. This type of gown is known for its fabric that adds texture and interest. It is the perfect gown for christening as it drapes well.

9. Customizable Gowns

There is the option for customizable gowns as well. Christening for girls and boys can be specially made according to the needs and wants of the parents. In addition, companies now manufacture unisex convertible gowns that come with detachable items. Parents can also choose bows, sashes, trains, and colors they like! 


We hope that we have sorted out the overwhelming experience of choosing the suitable christening gown for your baby. If you want to mark the significance of your baby's unique beginnings, choosing your baby's once-in-a-lifetime gown from Nicolette's Couture is the best idea. Their range of christening gowns comes in fine fabric, unique and elegant styles and exquisite detailing. For more information, visit their website now!  

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