Cute, Comfortable Church Outfits For Little Girls

Church clothes should be clean, comfortable, and appropriate, but that doesn’t mean that your little girl has to sacrifice her individuality or her sense of style in the process! Looking for some new outfits for your little girl’s Sunday Best? Nicolette’s Couture has plenty of options that are equal parts appropriate and adorable. 

What to wear to church

The correct church attire will vary somewhat depending on your church’s denomination and unique culture, so it can be a good idea to check with others in your community or with leaders in your church if you aren’t sure what to expect. However, some rules of thumb to follow while dressing for church include choosing outfits that are clean, appropriate, and comfortable enough for your little ones to wear throughout the entire service. 

Choose modest, clean, and well-fitting outfits.

If you aren’t quite sure what kind of outfits to wear to church, it’s usually best to err on the side of conservative. Many churches allow for more comfortable and casual attire, but you should still make sure that your pieces fit well and are clean, tidy, and generally non-distracting to keep the focus on the religious ceremonies taking place.

    Make sure her outfits are comfortable.

    Being scratched by rough fabrics or feeling restricted by uncomfortable tight-fitting sleeves can be uncomfortable and distracting during a church service or sermon. Try to find outfits that balance the formality of your church with comfortable fabrics and fit. Depending on the season and the kind of building that your church services take place, it’s also a good idea to have a couple of layers to protect her from the occasional drafts and chills. 

      Consider the formality level.

      In general, many modern churches allow for more casual wear on regular Sunday services as long as the outfits are modest and non-distracting. However, some occasions like holiday services, baptisms, and christenings may call for dressier and more formal pieces. 

        Casual church outfits 

        The Andrea Romper

        The Andrea Romper is an adorable and fashionable piece that’s perfectly suited for Sunday mornings. It features adorable ruffled shoulders and long sleeves for the ultimate boho-chic look for your baby girl that will still keep her nice and comfortable throughout the service. 

        The Blair Romper

        This onesie is elegant and free-spirited all at once! We love the unique lace detailing throughout combined with the flowy bell sleeves that make it a staple in their boho-inspired Sunday Best wardrobe. 

        The Cecelia Dress

        This gorgeous detailed dress is a boho dream from head to toe! The intricate embroidered detailing on the sleeve makes it a fashionable showstopper, while the material is still soft and breathable so she can be cool and comfortable all Sunday morning. It’s such a cute and versatile piece that you may find yourself needing it in all three colors to round out her weekly wardrobe!

        The Charlotte Romper

        Equal parts chic and comfortable, the Charlotte Romper is an excellent choice for celebrating in your place of worship, especially on colder mornings. Featuring a long-sleeve white collar top and gray knit buttons, your babe will look adorable and occasion-appropriate in this church-ready one-piece. 

        The Mallory Dress

        This dress is almost too adorable to be real … so don’t be surprised if she asks to wear it every single day! The standout is the whimsical botanical unicorn print throughout, especially when paired with the flattering flutter sleeves and flowy skirt that make it perfectly church-appropriate while still showing off her fun personality. 

        The Gracie Dress

        This multifunctional dress is bound to be a staple in her closet for a ton of occasions, church included. We love the juxtaposition of soft heather material with the intricate lace details that elevate the dress and make it perfect for your Sunday service. 

        Special occasion church outfits 

        The Everly Dress

        This gorgeous and ultra-trendy burgundy dress is perfect for more formal occasions — imagine how cute it would be on a Christmas Sunday service! The rich velvety material pairs perfectly with the deep jewel tones, and she’ll love the comfort and freeness of the high-low hemline that adds that extra stylish touch to the entire ensemble.

        The Juliana Dress

        The Juliana dress is a precious outfit that adds a touch of boho, free-spirited style to her Sunday Best wardrobe. We especially love the gorgeous neckline, lacy details, and fluttery, soft sleeves that strike a perfect balance between cute and chic.

        The Buffalo Plaid Kids Dress

        Classic, cool, and comfortable all at once, the Buffalo Plaid is the perfect option for any special Sunday! The timeless red-and-black plaid design will look great with just about anything: picture her on Christmas morning in this adorable get-up along with some warm boots and leggings. 

        The Phoebe Christening Gown

        For an occasion as momentous as her christening, she’ll need a dress that lives up to the formality and importance of the occasion. The Phoebe Christening Gown is a great traditional option. It’s a crisp and clean white color, which is traditional for christenings since it symbolizes innocence and purity, but it also comes with fashionable modern details like the V-neck back and fluttery sleeves. In addition to the dress itself, this set comes with a bonnet so your little girl can stay nice and warm even in draftier churches.

        The Erin Dress

        Easter Sunday is calling! The Erin dress is a vision of pink perfection with its twirly tulle skirt and delicate lacy details on the bodice. She’ll love running around in this beautiful dress that’s both boho and sophisticated all at once. 


         Finding the right outfits for church can be a headache, especially if you’re trying to balance your little girl’s personal sense of style with the formality of your place of worship. Nicolette’s Couture has plenty of pieces that are appropriate for church and stylish, so that everyone in your family will be happy as you head out to church on Sunday morning. 

        Photo by Nicole Christine Photography